Thyroxine Tablets
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Thyroxine Tablets

Thyroxine is one of the most prominent hormones produced in the human body. It is responsible for a host of metabolic functions. People who produce insufficient amounts of thyroxine are diagnosed with a condition called Hypothyroidism which essentially means 'lack of thyroid hormone'. Common reasons for the lack of thyroxine hormone range from decreased thyroid gland functionality to side-effects of radiotherapy that is known to cause abnormal functioning of the gland. In terms of nutrition-linked reasons, iodine deficiency is known to induce hypothyroidism but this is largely limited to the underdeveloped nations. A temporary, hypothyroidism-like condition is often caused due to taking medications that have a high concentration of lithium. Some anti-convulsion medications too have been reported to interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland. Inflammation of the thyroid gland can also cause a short-lived episode of hypothyroidism.

Testing for hypothyroidism is relatively easy wherein a blood test, often referred to as thyroid profile, is done to find the T3, T4 and TSH values. Those with hypothyroidism usually show a pattern wherein the T3 and T4 values are either normal or partially raised but the TSH value is far greater than the ideal level. Hypothyroidism is a difficult condition-to-resolve and causes a wide range of symptoms ranging from general lethargy to weight-gain along with depression and a markedly decreased ability to adjust to temperature changes. People diagnosed with hypothyroidism are often prescribed thyroxine tablets.

Understanding Thyroxine Tablet Consumption

Thyroxine tablets are retailed across all pharmacy stores in various strengths, ranging from 25 microgram to 100 microgram. The two most popular brand names under which thyroxine tablets are sold are Levothyroxine and Eltroxin. Thyronorm is the more renowned brand among the Asian nations. Consuming thyroxine tablets is basically a way of compensating for the lack of thyroid hormone in an individual. Most physicians prescribe that the thyroxine tablet is taken once a day. The dosage is adjusted wherein every increased or decreased dose is continued for a few weeks before moving further. The daily dose of a thyroxine tablet is best taken during the early morning hours, on a fasting stomach. This means that the tablet should be consumed before taking breakfast.

Most endocrinologists recommend maintaining a gap of about one hour from the time of consuming the tablet before eating anything else. In most hypothyroid patients, the initial dosage begins at 50 micrograms to correct the hormonal imbalance. Later, the dosage is reset after demanding another thyroid function test. Usually, after this initial period of consuming thyroid hormone tablets, the readjusted dosage is continued for a much longer period, often running into a few months. Thyroxine hormone tablets are dispensed in a container that usually has a moisture-negation patch. Keeping the container dry and storing it in a cool part of the home or office is recommended.
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